German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

German Shepherds are among the smartest and most popular dog breeds. They are not only extremely intelligent; they also make both excellent work and family dogs.

They are versatile enough to be protective and extremely loyal at the same time. A working German Shepherd police dog can ferociously capture criminals during the day will and can still come home to play with children. They seem to have an ability to sense the lead how to act in different situations.

If you are considering buying a German Shepherd, you must be aware of the dog’s needs and the sort of home or work environment it requires. German Shepherds grow very quickly and have an average lifespan of 10 years.

German shepherds are a large-sized dog that stands roughly about 22 to 26 inches high at the shoulder and weighs from 22 to 40 kg.

German shepherds are most commonly tan/black and red/black in color. However, there are also German Shepherds which are plain black or white. Their ears stand up erect and they have long tails

Shedding is one of the common problems with German shepherds. They shed in the winter and in the summer too. They require constant grooming to deal with their frequent shedding.

German Shepherds are susceptible to elbow and hip dysplasia. They are also known to be prone to bloating. They may also develop Von Willebrand’s disease as well as some skin allergies.

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